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3 not-to-miss blockchain events in September

13 September, 2022 Blockchain

As far as trending technologies go, Blockchain seems to become one of the primary concerns of the public. Blockchain and its applications have gained more and more attention and become somewhat of a “famous” name due to the rise of NFTs and countless crypto news. 

As a leading blockchain and software development company, Pando Infinity can not be exempted from this common tendency. During the operation time, we have successfully helped many enterprises to launch successful blockchain projects. In this article, we will introduce you to 3 of the most exciting blockchain events taking place this September.

1. Widiland Mint NFT on Solana chain (15/09-16/09)

WidiLand is one of the mainstream products of Pando Infinity as we have developed the game and its DApp.

This is a popular Play-to-earn NFT game that started in 2021. Recently, the game has reached over 450K players. The project will be launched on the Solana chain on September 15th and 16th. This event will mark the growth and expansion of WidiLand as the most potential project in the market.

Read more about the event: https://pandoinfinity.com/widiland-will-be-launched-on-solana-chain/

2. Eternal Glory Testnet version (15/09)

Also a mainstream product of Pando Infinity, Eternal Glory is a multiverse that is made up of many realms. Each realm in Eternal Glory is designed to have unique gameplay mechanics and each NFT is designed to have different skill sets and different use cases once they set foot into a new realm. Players can endlessly travel between different realms, uncover hidden treasure, and unlock new game modes to achieve ultimate glory.

Find more about the project: https://eternalglory.io/

3. Release Pan wallet (20/09)

Last but not least, 1 of the most exciting events this September – Pando Infinity will release Pan Wallet, a multi-chain crypto wallet. Pan Wallet is the safest wallet with top-notch security to store, send, receive tokens and collect NFTs and more upcoming amazing features. In version 1.0, Pan Wallet supports storing and swapping all kinds of cryptocurrencies and NFT assets on 4 platforms: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Solana.

Know more about our brand new wallet: https://panwallet.io/

Here is the list of not-to-miss blockchain events in September from Pando Infinity. If you are interested in more events or Blockchain technology, make sure you head over to our Blog, where we have various articles about this field that will help you get closer to more about Blockchain.

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