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6 key elements to build your website successfully

10 June, 2022 Web/App
how to build a website for your startup

Build your website is one of the keywords that are covering social networks in recent times. Creating a website is a effective solution to help many businesses increase revenues. However, not everyone understands the website design process in a complete and detailed way. In this article, let’s find out how to build your website in the most effective way.

I. Why is a website important to a company?

In today’s world, any business must have their own website as the competition in the market is getting fiercer and stronger, from the offline to online. Therefore, we need to realize the necessity of building your website.

1.1. We are living in the digital age

If you started your business a few decades ago, a website might not be necessary. But now it’s the 21st century, when the Internet has become an inevitable part of human life. So, if you don’t take advantage of the internet or specifically say you don’t invest in website design, you’ve made yourself fall behind the rest of the world.

1.2. Website is the most effective way to approach customers

The customer approach is the first step on the road to taking the next steps. Website is the tool that helps you approach hundreds or even millions of customers at the same time.

You just need to upload information, pictures about your company or products, services or what you want to share with customers on the website. When customers visit your website, they will see that information and images, and that’s how you interact and approach customers.

1.3. Increases your brand visibility and awareness

A business website is an online shop front to show your brand among new customers and all services that you provide and offer. Marketing ideas and results are driven in the same manner as in conventional marketing but instead of waiting for people to walk to your store, they are browsing the web and stumble upon your website.

1.4. Save costs

Websites are not only one of the best marketing tools available but also very cost-efficient compared to TV commercials, billboards, and ads in newspapers. According to a recent survey, at least 70% of people dislike mobile ads and use online ad blockers. Having a website will promote your organization less expensive. 

1.5. Long term clients

When starting a business, satisfying customers is very important if you want them to stay with you for a long time. So you have to serve your customers the best. Through the website, you can know what customers are interested in, are feeling or have opinions about your products and services as quickly as possible.

II. 6 steps to build your website effectively

To fully understand the website design process when building your website, here are 6 steps to build your website in the most effective way.


2.1. Determine the purpose of your website

Many people and businesses have finished building their websites but neglected to update news or new products. Such a waste! This is a matter of setting goals before doing anything, including building your website. If you create it, please do not waste it.

Before rushing into choosing a web development company or hiring an outsource firm, determining the goal of building your website would be a more important task that you need to complete. It will keep you motivated, and help you know what your company need, what you want and how to achieve it. Specific goals related to the website may include:

Online marketing goals

SEO standard

– Reaching a large number of customers

– Low bounce rate, high conversion rate

– Increasing brand awareness

Technical goals

– Fast page loading time, can serve a large amount of traffic at the same time

– Compatible with all devices, especially mobile phones

– High security

– Friendly to Google and users

– Must be updated continuously

2.2. Chose A Domain Name

One of the most crucial aspects of any website is its domain name. It’s the link you’ll provide to current and new customers, as well as promote on social media. As a result, it should be descriptive and simple to remember and fill in. To avoid customer misunderstanding, keep it short and avoid abbreviations, acronyms, and numerals if at all possible.

Domain name is one of the most crucial aspects of a website

2.3. Select a Web Host

Every website requires a host – a server on which all of its data is kept and accessible to the public at all times. You’ll need to choose an external host because hosting your own website is likely too expensive for small business.

You can choose one of two ways, depending on your budget. The less expensive choice, a shared web host, means you’ll be sharing a server with other websites. Dedicated hosting is more expensive, but it means you’ll have your own server and won’t have to compete with other websites for bandwidth. Web hosting is included in certain web builder platforms’ monthly prices, such as Squarespace and Wix.

2.4. Build your page 

A good website is more than just a page with text on it. You should create multiple pages dedicated to different areas of your business, such as a full catalogue of your products or services or a blog section for corporate updates. In terms of your general website, make sure each page supports the primary aim, has a clear purpose, and includes a call to action (for example, “learn more,” “sign up,” “contact us,” or “buy this”).

One of the most crucial elements of a website is the contact page, which serves as your customers’ direct link to you. It should includes as much information as possible: your business’s phone number, email address, and physical location… It’s also a good idea to give background information on the company’s founding. Customers will be able to attach actual names and face to your company if you include information about the founding team or staff on an “about” page.

The contact page should includes as much information as possible
The contact page should includes as much information as possible

2.5. Test and publish your website

Before releasing the web, make sure your site works in all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Check each page and feature in each browser to confirm that photos are visible, links are correct, and the format is fluid. This may take some time, but the time you invest now will save you from future complaints from visitors who are unable to use specific functions.

Also, check to see if your website works on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Because Google and other search engines have shifted to mobile-first indexing, which favors the performance of your website’s mobile version when it comes to search engine results, this step should not be missed.

Analytics software is another key component to include from the start. You can iron out any flaws and organize a suitable setup by doing this before the website goes live, according to Shaoolian. Once the website is up, you may track page performance and use analytics to figure out why certain pages are successful or unsuccessful.

2.6. Maintain your site

To keep people coming back to your website, you should update it with blog entries about current industry happenings, new products and deals, and corporate news on a regular basis.

You should also make sure your software and add-ons are up to date at least once a month. Website security is also the most important task in the process of web operation. According to Pheil, if your software isn’t up to date, you’re at risk of being hacked. Delegate the duty to a reliable employee or a freelance website manager if you don’t have time to perform it yourself.

Starting a business website is a low-cost investment that may help you create trust and reach a larger consumer base compared to traditional marketing approaches. You’ll never have to worry about “not existing” to your present and potential clients if you maintain your website updated with new, current content and respond quickly to technical concerns.

III. Conclusion

Above are the most important key elements to focus on when you build your website. Having a professionally designed website is significant to increasing sales, boosting the bottom line, and growing your business. It gives you a chance to be in front of the right target audience. Moreover, build your website costs some pennies and can provide huge returns over the long run. 

If you want to build your website in the most effective and professional way, you are in the right place. As a top software development company, Pando Infinity provides clients with an all-inclusive website development service:

  • Research & Consulting: find out market needs and go well into the details of every part of your business model
  • UX/UI Design: maximize the efficiency and appeal of the design
  • Back-End Development: construct your web-based applications’ back-end and encode all contents and essential features
  • Front-End Development: take on the project and start with the design
  • Deploy & Maintenance: continuously operate and update your software to ensure that security and efficiency are not compromised
  • QA & Testing: deliver end-to-end software test automation services

Through years of working, Pando Infinity has become a trusted subcontractor of more than 65 enterprises and startups all over the world like Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, US, Australia… We have confidence and insurance in bringing the top-quality and the most suitable solution for your company. Contact us now to get free advice!

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