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How AI Chatbot technology has conquered customer relationships?

28 July, 2022 AI & Machine Learning

AI Chatbot is an application designed with the purpose of communicating with internet users by text or voice. This technology is the result of artificial intelligence, which is strongly deployed by businesses today. Chatbots are integrated in the messaging application, supporting businesses in many different ways. In today’s article, let’s find out more about AI Chatbot and its benefits for business and customers.

I. Benefits of AI Chatbot for Your Business

One of the most effective strategies for businesses to improve their competitiveness and create a breakthrough in sales growth is focusing on improving customer experience. And a simple way that a lot of businesses are using to make that happen is applying AI Chatbot technology in conversations with customers.

So how does Chatbot help improve customer experience?

1.1. Ready to serve 24/7

According to a report on online shopping trends in the first 6 months of 2019, the peak purchase time every day lies between 12:00 and 14:00 and 20:00 – 22:00. This shopping behavior is explained by the habit of using the phone to search for shopping information during lunch break or before going to bed. 

However, your consultant needs to rest during the break and that means that when customers have a need to find out information about your products/services, no one answers. Customers who are disappointed because they have to wait too long, may immediately switch to using other brand’s services/products.

Your employees need sleep – but your chatbot doesn’t. AI Chatbot can immediately answer customer questions anytime, 24/7. It is essential to create a seamless conversation with your customers. With Chatbot, customers will no longer have to:

  • Wait until office hours to contact a counselor.
  • Make dozens of phone calls just to get help with basic questions.
  • Or send emails to exchange information back and forth many times.
  • Moreover, AI Chatbot has helped customers find information faster, easier and more convenient. Good customer experiences can drive more revenue and return business.

1.2. Provide accurate, reliable and seamless information

The chatbot will be trained to give customers complete and accurate answers, which help avoid letting customers waste time calling you again and again. Customers can completely trust your products and services because the content of feedback via chatbot will always be consistent and rarely change. This factor will help increase customer confidence in your products and services.

When customers are satisfied, they will support your brand by talking to their friends and colleagues about the great experience they have received.

1.3. Increase sales and potential customers

Chatbot provides users with the most appropriate and simple product-purchasing process. In the long-term, the interaction between the chatbot and the customer will make a positive impact on sales.

When your customers reach your brand through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, or website…Chatbot can record customer information through every conversation, analyze and convert data about trends in customer needs, preferences, and habits. Based on this data, you can classify groups of potential customers and provide them with products/services that are suitable for their needs, help them to shorten the time to find products, and enhance customer’s shopping experience.

1.4. Analyze customer feedback

Collecting customer feedback about your services plays an important role in the process of growing your business. Chatbots can collect and record customers’ responses in conversations to help businesses have a better understanding of the target market. 

In addition, chatbots can also analyze conversations with customers, which help your business gain a better insight of customer behavior. Thereby, businesses can provide more suitable products/services and also differentiate themselves from competitors. 

1.5. Familiar interface

The familiar and accessible interface is essential to keep customers engaged with your business. The report by Facebook has clearly shown the value of chatbots for businesses:

A report by Facebook has shown the potential of Ai chatbot

Therefore, the chatbot integrated in the messenger can create a personalized conversation that makes users feel comfortable and confident when using your service or purchasing your product.

1.6. Cost savings

Hiring and training consultants require an investment of time and money. If employees can work effectively, there will be no doubt. On the contrary, inefficient work does not bring high revenue. In addition, one person can only deal with each job, and cannot handle too many overlapping problems at once. This is the factor that reduces the sales target.

Chatbot is a perfect solution to these problems. A Chatbot can take over the workload of dozens or even hundreds of employees. It can communicate with multiple clients at the same time, all day and night. If there is any information that Chatbot cannot answer, please fill the gap with customer service staff. This method can not only reduce the cost of hiring personnel but also boost efficiency in business and increase profits.

II. Three types of common barriers when implementing AI chatbot

It can be seen that deploying a chatbot system ( especially AI chatbot) brings significant benefits to businesses. However, not every business can attain success in this. There are some common mistakes implementing chatbots that cause operational inefficiencies.

2.1. Inappropriate use cases

Businesses can easily come up with a list of common problems that customers have, however, not all problems are suitable for chatbots. They are often unsure when determining suitable topics for chatbots and which should be handled by customer service staff. Chatbots can easily have difficulty dealing with highly emotional topics and conversations that require long, complex back-and-forth interactions.

2.2. Do not follow the enterprise’s customer service scripts

Some businesses often deploy chatbots using a common model, or based on existing prototypes of other businesses. They don’t really care about implementation coverage yet. Chatbot must be suitable for products/services that businesses provide, and must have a scenario to satisfy customers. When integrating chatbots with communication channels, companies should prioritize customer needs and pay attention to product characteristics, so that chatbots can work more effectively.

Chatting with customers also depends on use cases and brand identity. A company selling entertainment products to millennials will want the conversation to be fun and modern while a healthcare chatbot should not respond with playful intonations and words, or making jokes.

2.3. Not building enough data to train intelligent chatbots

Like other artificial intelligence application tools, chatbots need a lot of input data to learn how to process requests efficiently. Smart chatbot training means exposing the chatbot to loads of sample conversations about topics that the business wants to address, then learning from those real-life cases to give more flexible responses. 

In particular, the chatbot can also learn to become personalized, understand the customer’s talking style and intonation, and then have a dialogue that suits each person.

III. What should businesses do to implement AI chatbot effectively?

If you want to build a chatbot system that attracts potential customers, here are some tips for you.

3.1. Combine chatbot implementation with customer care system

With 24/7 online capability, chatbot is always ready to answer customers’ questions at any time of the day. However, chatbots are not omnipotent tools, they only have knowledge to a certain extent. In the process of deploying Chatbot, there will be some problems that are beyond the chatbot’s understanding. In this case, businesses should prepare a flexible plan to automatically transfer those questions to consultants to continue the conversation with customers.

Businesses must deploy Chatbot in combination with other factors to deliver the most effective customer care. Chatbots can quickly answer common questions and actively refer complex and emotional conversations to the support staff. Chatbot has the ability to collect information and export reports, but it still needs administrators or specialized staff to spend time analyzing data.

3.2. Build a suitable and right-focus response script

Chatbots should be considered as a customer care center. Businesses must train chatbots following services providing, fully grasp information and brand positioning and learn skillful dialogue to bring customers good experiences.


With the main role of answering questions and providing information, the bot’s messages should be short and clear. Customers need answers that focus on their needs and desires because they can be easily dissatisfied if the bot replies too long, rambling, and not on the right track.

3.3. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes to train chatbot

Enterprises should put themselves in the position of customers to understand what issues they are concerned about, what are the problems they have when using the product, what questions customers often ask… Before implementing, the company must build the most informative script possible. After completing the scripting, administrators should test to see if the bot’s answer has met the customers’ needs and expectations. The testing also helps business detect errors for timely adjustment before reaching customers.

In addition, the company also needs to regularly monitor and adjust the script to match the communication style of customers. Tracking and learning makes chatbots more flexible, intelligent, and personalized to each user. 

3.4. Choose a reputable AI chatbot service provider

As the chatbot technology trend is exploding, a lot of technology companies now have integrated AI chatbot development in their services. However, businesses need to carefully consider a reputable Ai chatbot technology provider to exploit the most effective Ai chatbot system. 


In an increasingly digitized world, the use of AI-powered assistants has become the norm. As businesses try to keep up with the growing needs of their customers, investing in Chatbot development is essential.

If you are looking for a reputable Ai chatbot system provider that delivers high-quality service with reasonable price, Pando Infinity is a perfect choice. Pando Infinity is a leading company in the software development industry in Vietnam. By applying sophisticated algorithms and statistical methods with custom AI solutions implementation, we build end-to-end solutions for your business needs and improve overall performance. Contact our experts to figure out what values we can bring to you and your business.

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