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How Augmented and Virtual Reality improve customer experience?

25 July, 2022 AR/VR
ar and vr experience

Over recent years, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have gradually proven their significant role in strengthening and developing the relationship between services/products and customers. That is also the reason why many brands and businesses have begun to creatively apply AR and VR in their operating process. In this article, we will learn more about how this kind of technology enhances customer experience.

1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in today’s world

Nowadays, many businesses are recognizing the major benefits of using augmented and virtual realities to improve their operations and profit. This kind of technology is now being used for every field from gaming to healthcare, marketing, e-commerce, education, architecture and many other fields… It enables businesses to provide practical, emotional and creative avenues to improve customer relationships while increasing brand loyalty and sales.

The predicted market size of AR and VR application for different use cases in 2025
(Cre: Statista)

Technology today has advanced enough to take Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality into the mainstream, allowing them to be used to create more user-friendly, realistic, accessible and affordable customer experiences.

2. The differences between AR and VR

To get the full benefits of VR and AR, business owners must understand the differences between AR and VR. VR represents the total immersion of a customer into a new digital world whereas AR is the overlaying of digital features onto reality to create an augmented perception of the world.

Let’s look over the comparison table below which contains some of the main differences between these two kinds of technology:

The main differences between AR and VR

3. How AR and VR improve customer experience?

AR/VR provide the innovative tools a company needs to support and improve its customer experience strategy. Here are some of the most important reasons businesses are using these technologies today.

3.1. Making informed decisions

Realistic and interactive immersive experiences are beneficial for customers who want to try things before they decide to buy them, which is what most of today’s customers want and do. From cosmetics to automobiles or interiors, businesses in every industry use AR to give their customers the opportunity to make informed purchases.

3.2. Better customer service

Immersive technology can also provide practical support throughout the customer’s journey. It  can be represented in a number of ways such as making product instructions more accessible to customers to make it easier for customers to connect with support for a product or service. This can be carried out with a variety of practical tools to improve the customer experience quickly and efficiently.

3.3. Immersive experiences

The combination of Virtual and Augmented Reality provides customers with a fully immersive experience where they can imagine themselves in their purchase. With 360-degree views and customizable options, they get an experience that can’t be replicated in a physical location. When customers can personalize their products, they are generally happier and more likely to make a purchase (and spend up to 10% more).

amazon apply immersive technologies in customer experience
Amazon apply immersive technologies in customer experience

3.4. Strong relationship with customers

Immersive technology enables businesses to inform and delight their customers by creating a range of immersive content in customer experience centers. These connections help enhance the customer experience and help build brand loyalty.


No one can deny that customer experience is the key to the survival of a business today. To lead the market, brands should become more aware of the unique applications and huge advantages within AR and VR and start applying it to your operation to improve the experiences of customers. 

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