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Blockchain and WidiLand in environmental protection

23 May, 2022 Blockchain | GameFi
widiland and environment

In this article, I will share some of the blockchain projects being applied in environmental protection and how WidiLand contributes to this fight.

Although our focus is mainly on DeFi and NFT, new initiatives that can benefit the real world, especially in environmental protection, will bring about the adoption of blockchain technology more widely and convince legislators to accept this new technology (especially in the context of global warming being a burning issue)

In this article, I will share some of the blockchain projects being applied in environmental protection and how WidiLand contributes to this fight.

In the fight against climate change

Despite being already known as a green blockchain due to its relatively low energy consumption, the Cardano Foundation is designing an exclusive partnership with Veritree to restore our planet through reforestation records that are transparent, immutable and auditable by all.

The veritree system allows planting organizations to gather ground-level data, manage their projects more effectively, and offer project sponsors a world-class experience.

The community can participate in this fight through Initial Tree Offering, where they can donate one ADA token in exchange for 1 tree planted and 1 tree token. This tree token will be used to earn limited edition trees and NFT digital art on redemption days in 2022. So far, the community has managed to plant 469,600 trees but still falls short of the 1 million target.


MOSS is attempting to save Amazon by tokenizing and selling carbon credits from afforestation, reforestation, and preservation. MOSS’s mCO2 token not only allows people and companies to easily offset their greenhouse gas emissions, it also is a powerful tool for DeFi protocols to natively offset emissions.

Currently, Celo is holding mCO2 in their treasury to help maintain the price of cUSD and cEUR, which can make a good example of the use cases of carbon token.

Moreover, Celo has offset 2,679 tons of carbon through its work with Project Wren, and additional funds have already been set aside by the protocol to offset a further 4,696 tons, making the Celo blockchain truly climate-neutral.

How does WidiLand fit in the fight against climate change?

The aforementioned projects are very grand and sophisticated, which also shows we are just beginning to explore the potential of blockchain technology. However, they are missing an important factor, which is raising awareness and educating people. Here is where WidiLand will come in.

The story is about a group of elite people finding a new home for humanity when The Earth is seriously destroyed: the exhaustion of natural resources, polluted environment, and the release of prehistoric viruses, killing most humans on Earth. They have to move to WidiLand, a green-blue Earth-like moon and build a new civilization.

Players will immerse themselves in the many particular roles and enjoy different game modes to build and protect their new home! Preserving our Earth as early as possible is the message to which our team wants to send players.

Moreover, as society becomes more modern, people no longer interact with nature as much as in the past. This can lead to a lack of awareness and appreciation for the beauty and delicacy of nature.

Through our job system and enjoyable farming gameplay, we want the players to spend time learning about the joy of a simple life and find the connection with nature once again. Who knows, maybe you will use the knowledge in WidiLand to start a farm of your own in real life?

Final thought

As exciting as DeFi and NFT are, revolutionary technology should be used more than just trading and making someone rich, it should have an impact on the real world, and we are seeing blockchain technology used in areas such as humanitarian aid, supply chain, … and now, climate change.

I believe that if it succeeds, we will have a more sustainable and inclusive future, and Widi Land is proud to be a part of this journey.

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