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How AI Chatbot technology has conquered customer relationships?

AI Chatbot is an application designed with the purpose of communicating with internet users by text or voice. This technology is the result of artificial intelligence, which is strongly deployed by businesses today. Chatbots are integrated in the messaging application, supporting businesses in many different ways. In today’s article, let’s find out more about AI...

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI): Definition, Types and Applicatio...

What is Artificial Intelligence? And how this technology is applied in today’s world? (AI) originally appeared in computer data stores. But so far, AI is ubiquitous with infinite possibilities. Many say that AI’s dominance in all areas will create a widespread smart revolution. I. What is Artificial Intelligence? This is no longer an unfamiliar question...

All about Machine Learning and its application in major industries

Machine Learning is a modern creation that helps people not only in industrial scale and professional processes but also in everyday life. The article will give the definition of this kind of technology and its specific applications nowadays.  I. What is Machine Learning? It is a field of science, more specifically a sub-branch of artificial...

What is Business Intelligence? Why it is important? 

If you struggle with metrics regularly and still can’t keep up with advances in data analytics, you need to know Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence is a combination of skills, processes, and software applications to help businesses benefit from business data analysis and make decisions that drive growth and profitability. So what is Business Intelligence and...

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