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Meta allows users to share NFTs on both Facebook and Instagram
Meta allows users to share NFTs on both Facebook and Instagram

Users can now link crypto wallets and start sharing your digital collections to Facebook and Instagram accounts. According to the latest update from Meta – the parent company of 2 social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, US users now can share NFTs on these two platforms. The NFT posts on Facebook and Instagram will essentially...

Partnership announcement: Pando Infinity x Eternal Glory
Partnership announcement: Pando Infinity x Eternal Glory

We would like to officially announce our strategic partnership with Eternal Glory – a Multichain Gamefi Platform where players can collect, trade, and play with NFT to earn real profit. With just 1 NFT, players can experience 9 different game modes inspired by top mobile strategy games on the market (Clash of Clan, Clash Royale…)...

utility token vs security token
Utility token vs Security token: 3 main differences

Utility token vs Security token are two terms that make a great contribution to the development of blockchain, which makes many investors of the cryptocurrency market very interested in. This article will help you find out what Security Token is? What is Utility Token? And the difference between these two types of tokens. 1. What...

top 10 blockchain development companies
Top blockchain development companies in 2022

Blockchain along with Bitcoin and digital currency have been a hot topic around the world in recent years. Nevertheless, there are still many controversies about this topic. There are people who worry that Bitcoin might just be a bubble. While other people think that the technology behind it is a breakthrough. However, the Blockchain phenomenon...

what is a smart contract
What is a smart contract and how does it work?

Thanks to the support of Blockchain technology, smart contracts helps improve and make the process of many common activities automatic, such as agreement and contract enforcement. So what is a smart contract? Everything you need to know about this kind of contract will be provided in the article below! I. What is a Smart Contract?...

9 blockchain applications in the real world
9 top blockchain applications in today’s life

Top blockchain applications have proved how “hot” this technology trend is in Vietnam and around the world today. Let’s find out how this technology has been applied in the article below. Firstly, Pando Infinity has provided an overview to readers about What is Blockchain in the previous article. This time, readers will understand more about...

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