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Partnership announcement: Pando Infinity x Eternal Glory
Partnership announcement: Pando Infinity x Eternal Glory

We would like to officially announce our strategic partnership with Eternal Glory – a Multichain Gamefi Platform where players can collect, trade, and play with NFT to earn real profit. With just 1 NFT, players can experience 9 different game modes inspired by top mobile strategy games on the market (Clash of Clan, Clash Royale…)...

GameFi – Explosive Trend in Blockchain Era 

Today, the gaming industry is predicted to surpass $200 billion by 2023. Meanwhile, cryptocurrency is constantly evolving and expanding. With such a huge market share coupled with the versatility of cryptocurrencies, the combination of two trends to create GameFi is inevitable. With the amazing appearance of GameFi in 2021, many blockchain game services have been...

widiland and environment
Blockchain and WidiLand in environmental protection

In this article, I will share some of the blockchain projects joined in environmental protection and how WidiLand contributes to this fight. Although our focus is mainly on DeFi and NFT, new initiatives that can benefit the real world, especially in environmental protection, will bring about the adoption of blockchain technology more widely and convince...

widiland defi
DeFi Application in WidiLand

Heyy Widians, wanna know how DeFi is applied in WidiLand? One step closer to this beautiful green world, are you in? ☘️☘️ Check this out!! Beginning with Bitcoin, blockchain technology has begun to seep into our daily lives, from Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to Non-fungible Token (NFT). But there is one area that is the blend...

WidiLand Game Flow Overview

With our IDO coming just around the corner, many are asking for more information on our gameplay, so in today’s articles I will share with you some sneak peeks into WidiLand game flow including job system and activities. Let’s get started. The job system With the aim of turning WidiLand into a metaverse, we have...

The allure of farming games

For many years, the popularity of building and farming games has been undeniable, from PC games like SimCity, Minecraft,… to simple mobile ones like Hayday, Farmville,… This is maybe because this type of game is the closest we have to a metaverse, where people can have control over their surroundings and construct anything out of...

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