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WidiLand Game Flow Overview

16 March, 2022 Blockchain | GameFi

With our IDO coming just around the corner, many are asking for more information on our gameplay, so in today’s articles I will share with you some sneak peeks into WidiLand game flow including job system and activities.

Let’s get started.

The job system

With the aim of turning WidiLand into a metaverse, we have focused on diversity and customization in the game and designed the job system with this target in mind.

In version 1.0, we will introduce three classes of Farmers, each with a different set of clothing and attributes for players to choose.

Farmers are masters in specialized fields, including farming, raising livestock and cooking. However, do not worry if your Farmer possesses only one job as he or she can learn new ones through skill books. As a result, an ordinary farmer can also become the jack of all trade.

When a farmer performs a quest in their field, the performance will be higher than any other character. For example, a farmer whose job is to grow crops will have the highest productivity when planting trees.

Similar to Land, we also classified Famers into different rarities, including Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Special farmers can have two, or even more, specialized fields when summoned; and they are known as great farmers with high rarity and low success rate.

Then, for the updated version we will introduce two new classes called Miner and Builder along with new subtasks. We promise they will bring a lot of diversity and excitement to the game.

In-game activities

During the game, there are countless exciting activities for players to participate in, but remember that these are only for Farmers with the suitable attributes.


Only characters with the Farmer jobs can perform this action in which they use different types of crops to plant inside the crops field areas. Each crop requires an amount of time to grow before harvesting.


You can take part in pet care when owning characters with the Breeder job. Breeding includes feeding and collecting. Each animal type consumes only 1 type of crop to produce only 1 type of goods (e.g Cows can only eat wheat and give milk)


Only characters with the Chef job can perform this action. Cooking involves working with a machine (the bakery and milk factory) by putting in different types of crops/goods and collecting the finished products.

Collecting items

Players can explore the maps with the potential that random items might appear to be collected. These items can be traded in the Marketplace or used for Orders or Quests. These natural resources are renewable, which means they will not completely disappear upon collecting.

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Orders and Quests

Players will have to complete a number of orders to earn $WSO and Experience Point. Orders’ difficulty may vary from easy ones with 1–2 ingredients to extremely hard ones with rare resources or items that players don’t normally have in their storage.

On the other hand, The Daily Quest System contains up to 5 quests each day (depending on the player’s VIP rank) which will be renewed at the end of the day.

For the new update, we will also launch events and challenges where players can compete with one another to win unique items and tokens.

Final thought

Excited for the release of the game? Well, so do we, and we are working around the clock to bring the game live as fast as possible.

Expect more news from us in the coming days, Widians!

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