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How to raise customer experience effectiveness?

28 June, 2022 Company | Web/App
how to raise customer experience effectiveness

In the development world, the success of a business depends not only on sales but also on customer satisfaction. Therefore, improving customer experience is necessary for sustainable and long-term development. However, not everyone understands what customer experience is? And why is customer experience important? Let’s find out in this article. 

What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience, or CX, is the culmination of a customer’s perceptions and emotions as a result of interactions with a brand’s goods and services. Customer experience is the sum of a customer’s interactions with a brand over the course of their relationships, from the time they first consider making a purchase to the time they use it actively and eventually make a repeat purchase. Customers’ views and opinions form the basis of customer experience, as the phrase suggests. Customers are the last arbiters, regardless of how much a business may assert that it offers superior products or first-rate customer service. Good or bad customer experience depends not only on product quality but also on customers’ perception of customer service. So, a great customer experience is key to your business’ success and keeps them coming back.

The importance of CX

According to a survey of CX managers, about 72% of businesses consider customer experience to be their top priority. Delivering a great customer experience is extremely important for any business. The more satisfied customers are, the more positive reviews the business receives and the lower the rate of customer complaints and returns. Delivering a great experience always has a big impact on the sustainability and branding of businesses thanks to the following important benefits:

Increase customer loyalty

Customer satisfaction and satisfaction are the determining factors of customer loyalty to the business. Creating a good experience will attract and retain customers longer, bringing customers back to buy products again and again. And this makes it easy for businesses to become referrals to customers’ relatives, friends and colleagues. Therefore, customer research is extremely necessary. In contrast, the majority of customers say they will switch to another competitor of the business in the same product segment if they have a bad experience.

Increase customer retention rate 

More than 50% of customers are likely to transfer brands if a company doesn’t match their needs, according to Salesforce statistics. The aforementioned findings demonstrate that providing an experience that satisfies customers’ expectations is a factor that aids firms in standing out from their competitors. Customers look for individualized experiences from businesses when selecting goods and services, such as after-sales care activities, promotions or special day gift-giving, and staff attitude, in addition to comparing pricing and quality.

Increase business revenue

Customers’ emotions impact how they choose which goods and services to purchase. Customers like attentive service because it makes them happy. Since then, consumers have a tendency to be willing to pay a premium for goods, which helps to boost sales. Existing customers keep referring relatives and friends to the company, which helps it build its brand and boost its earnings. Businesses understand that the customer experience is their best chance to stand out in a crowded market as markets get more and more saturated. They are aware of the customer experiences they are creating and enhancing to enable them to benefit from those strategies thanks to the aforementioned considerations. 

How to raise customer experience effectiveness


The level of experience is tailored to the individual’s needs and reflects their particular situation. For example, customer service reps will put situations before talking to customers to make recommendations. Customers will be surprised and pleased with how the suggested customer service staff can find the right items, delivery time, and cost.

Build organizational culture

Businesses today are more interested in building a corporate culture and building a team of employees who will directly interact with customers is one of the important things. Most of them attach great importance to staff training on employee attitudes, and how to give customers the most comfortable and pleasant feeling when using their services or products. There will be many times when you enter a certain store and do not come back because of the attitude of the staff. So skipping a number of customers because of a bad customer experience will be very unfortunate.

Multi-channel services

Take care of your customers through many different channels such as website, LiveChat, social networks, and e-commerce platforms… thereby giving customers a variety of experiences. Because each different customer care channel provides customers with different experiences. Besides, it also helps you reach the maximum number of potential customers because more people will buy on the e-commerce platform than on the website and vice versa.

Increase customer experience through a mobile app

As people spend more time on their phones and have more access to the internet, it’s important to focus on enhancing the customer experience on mobile. Many businesses develop websites but do not pay attention to the fact that customers access the website on their phones, leading to inconvenience and bad experience for customers and the customer abandonment rate will be very high.

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Customer experience is a very important issue and plays an essential role for businesses. Having a good customer experience will help businesses create a strong competitive advantage, and increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and support, thereby helping to increase customer retention rates and generate more sales. New customers help to increase the profit of the business.

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