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Mobile Loyalty App raises Customer Retention Rate (CRR)

6 June, 2022 Web/App

A high Customer Retention Rate is one of the most desired objectives of any business. There are numerous ways to achieve this factor but mobile loyalty apps by far are the most preferable tool. Besides providing high-quality goods or services, building a mobile loyalty app can be considered one competitive point among diverse enterprises. 

What is Customer Retention Rate?

Customer retention rate is the percentage of existing customers who stay with you after a certain amount of time. The customer retention rate can help you better understand what keeps consumers coming back to your business and can also indicate specific points where customer service could be improved. 

What is Mobile Loyalty App?

A loyalty app is a more modern form of a loyalty card. With the help of a mobile loyalty app, clients may earn and track loyalty stamps or points. These stamps or points are then redeemed for a prize (i.e a discount, freebie, or experience). The loyalty activity data is gathered and kept in a digital loyalty system that the company can access to better understand and engage with its loyal consumers.

Various benefits of Mobile Loyalty App

Nowadays, smartphone users are growing by leaps and bounds. It is believed that about 80% of the young population uses mobile phones to fullfil their daily needs. This explains why mobile app is important for business to discover their potential customers. Developing mobile apps that build on both iOS and Android can help your business target customers across multiple operating systems.

An effective marketing tool to push sales

A dynamic mobile app shall make companies more competitive than others. Your business doesn’t need to use traditional ways of marketing tools like flyers, brochures and similar options. With the mobile app, you can provide quite effectively information about new products, offers, discounts, reservations, news offers or related things. Push notifications are the most prominent feature of mobile apps and are increasingly being used as a great marketing tool. Push notifications allow enterprises to send messages to customers in the form of notifications about promotions, coupons, discounts, or any other offer…

Maintain the number of loyal customers

Mobile apps allow entrepreneurs to interact directly with their customers. Usually, the people who download the brand’s app are usually old customers. Interactions with customers through the app increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases. Additionally, features like in-app purchases, notifications, and ads have a great impact on customers when compared to social media advertising, email marketing, and some other traditional marketing methods. App application helps to interact well with customers to improve brand loyalty.

Mobile Loyalty App helps maintain the number of loyal customers
Raise brand image and brand awareness

Customers usually spend 2-3 hours per day exploring the different available applications and using them according to their needs. Therefore, while using the application, customers often pay attention to the brand logo, and image,… displayed on the application. So if they install your app and often see your brand logo, they can easily remember the brand name of your business. Thus, mobile apps improve your brand presence. One more thing that organizations can take advantage of is word-of-mouth marketing as customers give feedback and comments. More significantly, current loyal customers provide more potential customers for businesses.  

Improve customer service

No matter how good your products and services are, you won’t be able to increase sales without first-class customer service. Mobile apps can also improve your customer service, in addition to increasing product sales and business visibility. Applications for sales management, customer segmentation, transaction history tracking and loyalty programs implementation. These activities help improve your customer service.

Deliver a more personalized customer service experience

The mobile application development company integrates the right data analysis tools into the mobile application. It helps businesses discover customer activities during their interactions with mobile apps. Accessing detailed information about customer activity during interaction with the application also helps entrepreneurs to gather important insights about customer preferences, and behaviour…, which benefit in developing a targeted business strategy. Based on data, you can create more effective online marketing campaigns to drive sales of products and services.

Improve accessibility

Previously, businesses have struggled to reach the same target audience across different platforms. Today with mobile applications you can reach customers in a variety of ways. Mobile apps can provide great visibility across multiple platforms at once. As mentioned in what are the benefits of the app, companies can also send various promotions through a push notification. Push notifications prompt customers to visit the app for more information about new offers, and they buy products if they find the offer right for them.

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The key features of a Mobile Loyalty App

Several traditional methods have been used in loyalty customer programs in recent years. Companies should create a comfortable and innovative platform to improve customer service performance. Furthermore, through mobile apps, that platform should combine components of loyalty customer programs. A mobile loyalty app has been demonstrated to be an excellent after-sales service tool. Here are 6 must-have features of a loyalty app.

6 key features of a Mobile Loyalty App
1. Easy to sign up and log in

Like nearly any other modern program, the sign-up and login procedure should be as simple as possible. It’s a good idea to provide your users with a few options like phone numbers, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Zalo) etc. The crucial factor is to immediately demonstrate how to utilize your app to users. Do not force customers to enter too many fields in the first step because it is an obstacle for customers to download and use your app.

2. Customer profile

This section should include the Name, Date of birth, and contact,… Pay attention not to exploit too much, and avoid creating uncomfortable feelings. You can offer small rewards to encourage customers to complete their profiles. Or create a short survey to collect information faster.

3. Push notification feature

Push notifications are the most common and widely utilized form of mobile notifications. They are displayed to users as messages on the main screen or in the notification area when they are not actively using the app. It’s a handy marketing tool that allows you to notify your customers about various deals and events in real-time. If necessary, you can additionally personalize push alerts and send them just to specific user groups.

4. Maps and geolocation

Customers can receive notifications and special offers from businesses with offline locations using geolocation and maps. Again, make the Loyalty App your customer care. Integrating map and navigation features, and displaying store branches is a way to help customers find you more easily. If possible, you can send a Push Notification when you notice a customer near your store. It will increase the likelihood of customers coming to you.

5. Analytics

Not a feature that affects the user experience, but it is an important feature for administrators. Businesses need to know how their application is performing, and how users are using it. So your Mobile Loyalty App needs to be integrated with this feature. 

In conclusion

Finally, developing a mobile loyalty app for your business allows you to deliver a variety of additional services to your consumers while also increasing customer retention. Don’t have this system yet and looking for the right implementation partner? Check us now at https://pandoinfinity.com/contact/ for the free consulting meeting! 

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