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Pros and cons of IT outsourcing service 

25 June, 2022 Company
pros and cons of IT outsourcing service

IT systems are getting more and more sophisticated as a result of the growth of information technology. To cost-saving, while ensuring the system functions properly, organizations must have a skilled IT department. Businesses can fully outsource IT outsourcing services such as network management, database management, and IT system operation. Enterprises will get a lot of benefits, however, this service also contains many disadvantages that businesses need to consider carefully. Let’s find out what it is in this article!

What is IT Outsourcing service?

Outsource, also known as outsourcing, is a term that refers to the form of hiring human resources from outside to implement and complete specific jobs and tasks of the business. In the market, outsourced fields are popular such as Content Production, Market Research, Training/Recruitment,… Outsourcing has long been prevalent, particularly in overseas companies. The outsourcing trend is growing and gaining momentum in Vietnam to satisfy consumer demand. It might be argued that outsourcing is a practical way for companies to deal with huge orders, a lack of human resources, and other issues while still achieving their objectives. Many organizations can boost labour productivity, lower investment costs for human resources, and gain a competitive edge in the market thanks to outsourcing activities. 

More and more businesses are switching from internal to external IT staffing models as a result of the intensifying operational challenges. The demand for professional workers with a wide range of knowledge has increased due to technological advancement. Your company can obtain services like threat monitoring, infrastructure management, and crisis management by using external services. While some businesses use consultants to supplement their internal resources, others outsource their whole IT department. Anyhow, when compared to conventional internal staffing methods, the advantages of IT outsourcing are distinct. The fact is that while outsourcing has numerous benefits, there are also some requirements to keep it running well. Let’s begin the comparison now!

Advantages of IT outsourcing service

Expertise developers

Businesses can get highly skilled and competent human resources from IT organizations by outsourcing their IT. They frequently manage simple to complex activities and requirements. Additionally, they will provide your companies with better information on technological solutions. This implies that projects of any magnitude can be finished and put to rest in less time. Outsourcing also contributes to increased corporate productivity. The capacity to coordinate human resources and fully use the workforce is a strength of outsourcing service providers. Additionally, labour productivity is significantly higher when we utilise our people’s resources to their full potential.


The biggest reason that businesses prefer to outsource over recruiting more human resources to do it themselves is to save costs. The increase in the number of full-time employees will increase the cost of paying salaries and other benefits and social policies for that employee. The amount of cost will be much larger than hiring another unit to do it or not. part-time employee. Not to mention the cost of recruiting and training new employees, another cost that may arise is the cost of buying equipment and machinery for the new job.

Increased flexibility

The use of outsourcing services gives you flexibility in arranging seats for employees, avoiding the redundancy of staff in short-term projects. Temporary staff will be provided when businesses need it. For example, temporary staff and technicians will be added to support new projects or to handle an unexpected order during a particular time of the year.

Economic development

Foreign companies when outsourcing in Vietnam have contributed a lot to the GDP of the country. People have jobs, and the salary when working for foreign companies is also higher than the common ground. From there, it will improve people’s living standards, and promote the development of the country’s economy.

High productivity

The high productivity of outsourcing is one benefit that is widely regarded by organizations nowadays. The capacity to manage human resources allows outsourcing service providers to efficiently use their available labour to finish assigned tasks. Additionally, labour efficiency is significantly higher when human resources are used to their full potential.

Risk reduction

Employers frequently engage outsourced workers with the assumption that their employment would only last a short while. As a result, it will be simpler for them to reduce or increase the personnel without endangering the company’s reputation for having a steady workforce. What’s more, using outsourced labour protects regular employees from demand swings and makes it feasible for the company to forge stronger bonds with its regular personnel than would otherwise be possible. Using temporary staff during busy times will reduce stress and prevent fatigue and overwhelm for other employees.

Enhanced technology accessibility

Most businesses must exhibit a wide range of cutting-edge technology in the booming field of science and technology today if they don’t want to become obsolete and overtaken by rivals. However, investing in technological innovation is not simple and always calls for a sizable sum of money. It gets more challenging to learn new technology, especially when it changes constantly. Businesses may still innovate and implement new and current ideas without spending a lot of money at this moment thanks to outsourcing, which will help them handle all of their challenges.

Disadvantages of IT outsourcing service

Potential security risks: Letting an outsource company or individual handle some of your sensitive work carries an inherent risk of disclosing company information. You can avoid this by writing a non-disclosure agreement and getting them to sign it before agreeing to work with you. Alternately, you can also limit outsourcing to only tasks that do not require the exchange of confidential information about your customers or your company. If you know you’ll be outsourcing on a periodic basis, it’s also a good idea to check the company’s background that you want to hire, and review their privacy policy.

Sacrifice some control: Most business owners prefer to have complete control over their business. However, this idea is not very beneficial if you want to grow the size of your company without incurring too many costs. Not only that, if you take on jobs that you don’t have the knowledge or time for, you could end up costing more than simply letting someone else take over.

Difficult to maintain quality control: Quality control can become more difficult to implement and maintain, especially when you outsource overseas. To avoid the risk of impact when this happens, establish a product creation process as well as the correct service process. Part of your outsourcing research process should include the testimonials and contacts of the individual or company you’re considering, so you can choose the right candidate to outsource.

In conclusion

IT outsourcing can give you significant competitive advantages that will result in positive outcomes. Creating a long-term partnership is one of the most crucial steps. We are ready to assist you if you’re looking for a partner to grow your business. Pando is a software development that provides one-stop service. Let’s contact our experts to figure out what values we can bring to you and your business.

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