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Top 8 best website development framework to build your website

22 August, 2022 Web/App
website development framework

Website development framework or mobile development framework are becoming more popular as it helps developers do their jobs more quickly and efficiently. But what is a website development framework? What is the most effective website development framework? Find out with Pando Infinity in the following article.

I. Overview about framework

Framework is an indispensable tool for Dev in the process of website/mobile development because it helps developers do their jobs more quickly and efficiently. 

1.1. Definition

Frameworks are pre-written pieces of code and are made up of a set of frameworks, packaged programming libraries. The framework provides built-in features like mockups, APIs, and other elements to minimize the development process.

A number of experienced software engineers and programmers are in charge of building, testing and optimizing the frameworks, so the software frameworks are flexible, solid, and efficient.

Using a framework to develop an application allows you to focus on high-level functionality of the application, the framework will handle all the low-level functions.

1.2. Types of Framework

Users have a lot of choices to apply framework: Backend, Front end, mobile applications… However, Website Development Framework and Mobile Development Framework are the two most popular frameworks.

Website Development Framework

Developers can use software frameworks to orchestrate web applications, development, services, and resources. The Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture is a common type of website development framework.

Developers use software frameworks to orchestrate web applications, development, services, and resources

Mobile Development Framework

Thanks to this Framework, you can write code once and run it on iOS and Android. This advantage will help users reduce product development time compared to manually coding from scratch. Currently, these frameworks mostly use Javascript as a prominent development language such as Facebook’s React Native, in addition, Microsoft’s Xamarin uses C#, Flutter uses Google’s Dart language.

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1.3. Benefits of Framework

Using the Framework, users will get:

  • Various features. If you build an e-commerce website, you need to prepare for registration, login, user data management, etc. With these features available, the Framework allows users to use it right aways instead of wasting hours coding manually. 
  • Save time and effort when developing software/applications.
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts.
  • Code reuse.
  • Inheriting standardized features and structure for applications/products. This makes application operation and maintenance/troubleshooting easier.
  • Easily extend or modify what the Framework offers. Simple operation: developers can selectively override existing layers or write new functionality on the Framework platform. However, developers should adhere to certain standards.

1.4. Drawbacks of Framework

  • To get the most benefits out of it, it takes a lot of time and effort to fully understand the function of Framework.
  • The size of the application/software when using the Framework will be very large. There are even applications/software that weigh up to hundreds of MB of code even though they do not contain any content.
  • Strictly follow the required rules.
  • Not suitable for developing applications that are too small.

II. Top 8 best website development framework to build your website

In order to support you in the process of developing your website, we would like to introduce some of the best website development frameworks that many enterprise and web development company use today.

2.1. Angular JS

This is a JavaScript Framework used to create dynamic web apps. AngularJS uses a very powerful MVC pattern and is often applied in Single Page Application (SPA) projects.

Angular was released by Google with version 2.0. Angular JS allows you to use HTML as a template language.

Advantages of AngularJS:

  • The user is extended the syntax of HTML
  • Open source, completely free
  • Easily create Single Page Applications.
  • Gives a flexible, user-friendly feel by providing data binding to HTML.
  • Easy Unit testing.

Learn more about Angular JS here: https://angularjs.org/

2.2. Ruby on Rails

This is a powerful website development framework that was launched in 2015 by David Heinemeier Hansson. Some websites that use Ruby on Rails are CookPad, Retty, Wantedly…

Ruby on Rails framework for website development

Outstanding advantages of this framework includes:

  • Programming language is quite simple and easy to learn.
  • Provides a standard structure for web applications.
  • The quality of software that supports Ruby code is higher than some other languages
  • The Ruby on Rails framework is full-stack with smart function definitions. It also uses less code commands compared to other frameworks.
  • Fast prototype creation speed (sample application).
  • Low cost for maintenance/repair.

You can learn more about Rails here: https://rubyonrails.org/

2.3. Spring

Developers use Spring structure to build open source application programs for the Java programming language. To put it simply, Spring is an open source Java Platform.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Lightweight in developing your application.
  • Bind these components together using Spring containers.
  • The Spring IoC container manages the Spring Bean lifecycle and project configurations such as JNDI lookup.
  • Used for web application development very easily with very good support of web services, json…
  • Supports transaction management, JDBC operations, File uploading, Exception Handling…

You can learn more about Spring here: https://spring.io/

2.4. CakePHP

Among the top 10 most popular frameworks in the world, CakePHP is a framework programmed in PHP language, it is written according to the MVC pattern standard.

CakePHP framework uses some of the latest standards to be suitable for building large systems such as management software and e-commerce websites such as BMW, Hyundai, Express, etc.

Outstanding advantages of CakePHP:

  • Simple and easy to install. You only need a server and copies of Framework to install.
  • Good security features: input validation, XSS, CSRF, SQL injection prevention, etc.
  • Multiple ports supported.
  • Build Frameworks quickly.

Learn more about CakePHP here: https://cakephp.org/

2.5. Bootstrap

Bootstrap was launched as an open source code with the original name Twitter Blueprint. This is a creation of Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter. Bootstrap is a framework that includes HTML templates, CSS templates and JavaScript templates for developing responsive websites.

Bootstrap framework for website development

Apparent advantages of Bootstrap:

  • Faster web development.
  • Easily access and design your website the way you want due to a diverse library of elements.
  • You can enter the source code to edit or change it.
  • Integrate with many open source code such as: Joomla, Magento, WordPress… due to the modular design; Easily integrates with most popular open source codes on the market today such as WordPress, Joomla…

You can learn more about Bootstrap here: https://getbootstrap.com/

2.6. Apache Spark

It is a unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing. Using Apache Spark, users can quickly write applications in Java, Scala, Python, R, and SQL.

Outstanding advantages of Apache Spark:

  • Speed up, reduce job execution latency to seconds
  • Provides two mechanisms to run project synchronously and asynchronously
  • Enables RDD cache by name, increasing shareability and reuse of RDD between tasks
  • Easily integrate with reporting tools such as: Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Integration Tools

More than 3,000 other large companies have been using this Framework such as Amazon, Cisco, Databricks, Hortonworks, Microsoft, Oracle…

Learn more about Apache Spark here: https://spark.apache.org/

2.7. Laravel

Created by Taylor Otwell, it is a PHP-based website development framework with a clean, coherent syntax. Some of the popular websites developed on the Laravel platform such as Alison.com, Barchart.com…

laravel framework for website development
Lavarel framework for website development

Outstanding advantages:

  • Open source
  • Follow the easy-to-understand 3-layer model-view-controller design pattern.
  • Use the latest PHP features.
  • All versions of Laravel are released with the appropriate documentation
  • Supports backend caches like Memcached and Redis out-of-the-box
  • Built-in tools for command line – Artisan

Learn more about Lavarel here: https://laravel.com/

2.8. Django

By far, Django is one of the most well-known and popular-used website development framework in Python. It is a model-view-template (MVT), mainly used for creating web applications. Django is well-known for its excellent built-in security and “batteries-included” functionality. Moreover, it is intuitive, flexible, and easily extensible. Pinterest, Instagram, and Quora use Django for their web development..

Notable advantages of Django:

  • Django provides clean and efficient code, above-average security support. 
  • Impressive, diverse set of built-in features and an integrated administration interface.

You can learn more about Django here: https://www.djangoproject.com/

III. Conclusion

Through this article, we have shared with you the top 8 best website development frameworks today. As we can see, the use of frameworks to develop applications is a mandatory requirement due to the  safety, reusability as well as speed of project development and deployment.

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  • Front-End Development: take on the project and start with the design
  • Deploy & Maintenance: continuously operate and update your software to ensure that security and efficiency are not compromised
  • QA & Testing: deliver end-to-end software test automation services

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