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Top 8 free websites for software testers

21 July, 2022 Web/App

Thanks to technology’s enhancement, the tester can be considered one of the most sought-after occupations. A software tester is an individual who tests software for bugs, faults, defects, or any other issue that could impair the functionality of computer software or an application. Software testers use manual and automated software testing methodologies to carry out software functional and non-functional testing as part of a software development team. Here are the top 8 free websites for software testers by Pando Infinity, let’s take a look and choose the most suitable website for you. 


udemy free websites for software testers

Udemy is one of the best online knowledge platforms today. This is the ideal choice for those who like video learning to be flexible in their time. Most courses on Udemy usually cost a little fee. These free courses are usually basic courses or those of new instructors. So you can take advantage of this to learn about the background knowledge of the tester profession. 


coursera free websites for software testers

Coursera is one of the famous online learning platforms with a large number of courses and multidisciplinary disciplines, including programming in general and software testing in particular. Each course has a specific, clear roadmap with practical assignments and projects. Coursera faculty members have extensive industry experience and are teaching at universities. Moreover, Coursera’s highlight is that you can access any course for free. Although there is a fee to receive the certificate of the course on Coursera, it is also relatively not too exorbitant. 

Test Automation University

test automation university free websites for software testers

If you are looking for a website specializing in automated testing, this is the right choice for you. Test Automation University offers a wide range of free testing courses. In addition, the website includes many other topics such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), web programming, mobile applications and many programming languages from basic to advanced. 


guru99 free websites for software testers

If you are a newbie in programming and testing, this is the best website for you to start with. With simplified lessons and concepts, it’s easier to acquire and capture knowledge. Each lesson has a short 10-20 minute video that summarizes the content with easy-to-understand illustrative examples. In addition, this website also provides exercises and projects for you to practice. 

Software Testing Help

software testing help free websites for software testers

If you are oriented to specialize in software testing, there is no better place for you than Software Testing Help. Thanks to articles and instructional videos, which come with free resources, you can easily master basic to advanced testing. Although this way of learning is not very interactive, if you are struggling, you can easily consult the experts in the Q&A section. 


dzone free websites for software testers

With over a million members, Dzone is one of the largest websites, providing the latest knowledge on software testing. The best thing about Dzone is that the lectures and programming knowledge are classified into individual categories. Each section has articles to share the knowledge and experience of testing experts. In addition, this website also provides you with free testing software, which you can download and test immediately. 

Software QA Test

software QA test

Software QA Test is a website designed specifically for those who want to learn about software testing and QA (Quality Assurance). With a single click, you can find information about the issue you’re asking about. Besides the basic knowledge, you will also learn more about software testing in practice. In addition, you can ask experts on this website when you have difficulty with a test case or bug removal. 

Google Testing Blog

google testing blog

All articles on this website have been compiled by Google testing experts. Typically, they will share knowledge about the testing process, how to debug bugs, practical experience, etc. Therefore, this website is extremely suitable for those who already have a basic platform and want to learn more from the experience and practical knowledge of experts from Google. Besides self-study knowledge, you also need to practice and practice a lot to gain experience. 


These are the top 8 websites for learning software testing online. In addition, using the aforementioned websites and blogs to study software testing online might be beneficial. By learning more on these websites and platforms, you can ensure that you have the correct information and are able to guarantee that the final product produced is of the highest possible quality. Since the majority of the resources’ material is free, you can explore them to learn as a new employee and upgrade your skills. The market will receive standard items thanks to ongoing learning and skill development.


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