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Top IT OutSourcing Companies You Should Know In 2023

18 November, 2022 IT Outsourcing

With continuous innovation and fierce market competition, choosing software, app and application outsourcing companies is a cost-effective solution. Here are the Top IT Outsourcing companies that you should refer to.

I. What is Outsourcing?

What is Outsourcing? It can be understood simply as hiring outside companies to do a phase or a job that your company is lacking.

This term Outsoucing is often referred to as programming companies that provide software, applications, apps, or website design… And you can see a lot of Japanese or Western companies doing it. Outsource IT businesses in Vietnam to implement projects according to their requirements.

II. Benefits for business when using outsourcing services

Outsourcing services are increasingly developing and dominating with the appearance of many businesses. Let’s take a look at some of the strengths and benefits that outsourcing companies bring to businesses when they need to outsource.

Cost savings

Hiring a software outsourcing company in Vietnam to design a request, application, software, app will save a lot of costs compared to building an in-house team, not to mention that the project will There is no need to maintain regular staff, and you will need to close additional accounts for employees, social health insurance benefits.

Flexibility in work

Using a software outsourcing company helps you flexibly arrange personnel to avoid redundancies for short-term projects. Avoid the phenomenon after the project will not have to maintain unnecessary personnel.

Save time

Outsourcing companies will reduce the time to find human resources. Outsourcing these companies all have expertise, qualifications and experience, so everything will be done quickly and efficiently.

Highly specialized work

Each business will develop its own strengths to create a professional focus for the business. Through outsourcing projects, the work will be pushed to third parties so that businesses can focus on developing their main areas.

III. Limitations of outsourcing projects

Software design companies – outsourcing may face risks such as sudden bankruptcy, insufficient expenses to pay employees, outsourcing businesses that will take a long time to start over.


Many businesses fear that outsourced company employees will disclose information to the outside, even to competitors. But if you choose the right reputable and branded company, you will be assured of this issue. As reputable companies, we will put the security and interests of customers first.

Quality of work

In the first time when transferring the job, there will be a bit of confusion, but it will be resolved soon if it is a reputable and professional company.

IV. Top 10+ IT OutSourcing Companies in 2023

1. Savycom

Savvycom Joint Stock Company specializes in providing leading information technology services in Vietnam. Currently, the company is providing services to many customers in the US, Europe, Australia and Singapore…where it focuses on developing web-based applications and programming applications for smartphones.

Savvycom creates a friendly and professional working environment, enabling young people with talents and abilities to develop together to write the Vietnamese technology dream.

2. Groove Technology

Groove Technology has implemented many large and small projects in different fields based on different technology platforms. They has operations in Australia and Hong Kong with a team of leading IT experts with high expertise.

3. Rikkeisoft

Established in 2012, Rikkeisoft is one of the leading brands in the field of software outsourcing and manufacturing. Rikkeisoft’s strength is in Web-app and Mobile App programming for partners from Japan.

4. Bytesoft 

Bytesoft was established in 2014 with the main fields of web design, outsourcing, app programming and mobile applications.

After 5+ years of establishment and development, Bytesoft has now become one of the reputable software outsourcing units. Along with the new technology trend in the world, Bytesoft has also been developing more strategic research branches such as Blockchain, IOT, AI Big Data…

5. Pando Infinity – Global IT outsourcing service provider

Currently, Pando Infinity is one of the world’s leading outsourcing companies with strengths that have been confirmed through the projects that Pando Infinity implements.

Modern Technology Foundation

Pando Infinity with strategic solutions oriented from a team of more than 50 leading IT experts. We carry out a rigorous process from managing technologies, establishing research and technology exchange cooperation with foreign partners, training and developing high-quality human resources who are always ready to meet requirements of businesses.

Professional Staff

When using the on-demand software service, we will provide you with the best experience. We equip our staff with the necessary and unique skills to be able to support each client’s requirements and manage all issues in the client’s project.

We also implement a multi-layered security solution to keep sensitive customer information private. When an IT problem occurs, Pando Infinity’s technical support team will quickly solve it so that the customer’s system can operate normally.


Coming to Pando Infinity, we write on-demand software and provide IT Outsource services for businesses:

– Blockchain Development

We specialize in blockchain development resources, especially Blockchain Integration, Decentralized Application and Smart Contracts Development


Read more: Top blockchain development companies in 2022

– Web/Mobile Development

We support a wide range of activities from environment construction to manufacturing, testing, and maintenance. We are also expertise at developing apps that work with business and web systems.

Learn more at: https://pandoinfinity.com/web-mobile-development

– AI & Machine Learning

By applying sophisticated algorithms and statistical methods with custom AI solutions implementation, we build end-to-end solutions for your business needs and improve overall performance.

Learn more at: https://pandoinfinity.com/ai-machine-learning

6. Ominext

With more than 7+ years of experience, Ominext is currently a strategic partner for many leading Japanese medical corporations such as Panasonic, KDDI, ITEC, SECOM, Medicom… with more than 2000 hospitals and 3000 clinics, medical examination and treatment facilities in Japan.

7. DEK Technologies

DEK Technologies was founded in Australia in 1999 and the people who laid the foundation for the company’s growth are 3 engineers who provide software and hardware development services for telecommunications. After its development journey, the company now has many offices around the world.

The company’s target areas are also extremely diverse such as: Software service solutions, software design and development, software project management, maintenance, product support.

8. Global CyberSoft

Established in the year 2000 in the United States and is also one of the members of the global group HHC. Up to now, Global CyberSoft has more than 1200 engineers and experts with high skills and experience. Global CyberSoft’s partner customers span over 18 countries around the world.

With a long development path, bringing sustainable core values, the company has been building a professional, dynamic and creative working environment, directing all employees to development.

9. HanelSoft

HanelSoft provides development services of intelligent solutions applied in infrastructure development for businesses, technology platforms for e-government development, investment and development of STEM education, and applied research high-tech solutions.

10. VNEXT Software

Vnext Software Joint Stock Company was established in 2008, specializing in providing outsourcing software development consulting services for the Japanese market. Currently, Vnext Software has its headquarters in Hanoi and Tokyo, Japan.

Currently, Vnext has grown strongly with more than 100 employees and has provided more than 200 different products to businesses in Japan.

V. Conclusion

Thus, in the above article, we have also shared with you the Top 10 reputable and quality IT outsourcing companies in 2023. Depending on the needs of each business, you should choose a different outsourcing unit, so you need to consider carefully.

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