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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI): Definition, Types and Applications

20 July, 2022 AI & Machine Learning
what is artificial intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? And how this technology is applied in today’s world? (AI) originally appeared in computer data stores. But so far, AI is ubiquitous with infinite possibilities. Many say that AI’s dominance in all areas will create a widespread smart revolution.

I. What is Artificial Intelligence?

This is no longer an unfamiliar question because, after the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the term Artificial Intelligence seems to cover so many areas, especially technology. AI refers to machine-expressed intelligence, which describes devices capable of mimicking human “cognitive” functions. 

1.1. Definition

AI differs from logic programming in programming languages in the application of machine learning systems to simulate human intelligence in processes that humans do better than computers. Specifically, AI helps computers acquire human intelligences such as thinking and reasoning to solve problems, knowing how to communicate by understanding language, speech, learning and self-adaptation,…

Although AI has a broad connotation of intelligence in science fiction, it is one of the key branches of informatics. AI is concerned with the intelligent behaviour, learning and adaptability of machines. 

1.2. Benefits

AI is one of the great achievements of the 4.0 industrial revolution. With the power of computers, data and technology, AI has become an extremely important element in many areas of life. AI contributes to increased profitability by cutting labour costs and limiting work accidents simultaneously. Every cycle when managed, operated and controlled by AI has faster speed, almost absolute accuracy, and greater efficiency. AI has thereby promoted horizontal and vertical alignment in all sectors and industries. It helps realize dreams and navigate a modern, automated, digitized world. 

II. Types of AI

If AI technology is divided by function, artificial intelligence includes 4 main types: Reactive Machines, Limited Memory, Theory of Mind and finally Self-Aware.

4 main types of AI technology

2.1. Reactive Machines

This is an AI technology that can analyze the moves acting on it and give an optimal impact response. A prime example of reactive machines technology is the automated chess player. Today’s supercomputers can even win against famous players and multi-time world champions, which has proved the unlimited power of AI technology in the future.

2.2. Limited Memory

This kind of technology is capable of using “learnt” experiences to make predictions and ultimately lead to decisions and responses when encountering new situations in the future. Driverless cars are the typical representation of this AI technology. With a sensor system mounted around the vehicle, the computer collects data about obstacles around the vehicle, thereby actively increasing/decreasing speed, adjusting the driving direction…

2.3. Theory of Mind

The “AI theory” proposes to understand the wide-ranging entities they deal with. Importantly, this ‘understanding’ will also include emotions, belief systems and thought patterns. Technologists and researchers try to make machines understand people better and learn from different factors that affect their thought processes.

2.4. Self-aware

This is the highest level of AI development. It is an AI that has similar structure to the human brain, so it can achieve self-awareness level. Therefore, this type of AI can understand and evoke emotions with the objects that they it interacts with, even expressing Al’s own hidden emotions, needs and desires.

Self-aware AI is the highest level of AI development

However, self-aware AI exists only in the form of ideas. Besides, there are also concerns about the ethics of AI as AI develops to the level of self-awareness, and whether it could harm human’s life or not.

III. Outstanding applications of Artificial Intelligence in 5 industries

Currently, the application of Artificial Intelligence in life is entering a boom period when it is widely applied in many fields from transportation, business to service industries with AI chatbot technology

3.1. Financial and banking systems

In financial institutions and banks, Artificial Intelligence is being used in handling financial activities, managing various assets, handling investment funds and stocks, etc. Thanks to the ability to process transactions quickly, AI is used by people in creating more useful and convenient financial solutions, and support customers more quickly. 

3.2. Medicine

The emergence of AI has completely changed the medicine industry. This is one of the most urgent areas of human life. AI has given medicine useful technological applications that have given people incredible value. In addition, AI is also used as an assistant to support personal health care with ease. They are applied to analytical and research tools on human health status. We can directly use the app right on the phone and update our information. The AI system will instantly send the diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Moreover, one of the benefits of AI that we can see in everyday life is that AI-based applications can schedule appointments at healthcare facilities. In particular, these apps can support patients every time. 

3.3. Heavy industry

At large enterprises in the heavy industry, artificial intelligence is used mainly in production lines. They are considered to be robots that perform operations on behalf of humans. AI is also applied in the management system of these enterprises. In addition, businesses use AI to extract the most accurate data. Thanks to AI, businesses in the heavy industry can easily complete production tasks in time with high performance. 

heavy industry workers
AI technology application in heavy industry

3.4. Freight industry

The air transport sector is one of the most important means of transport today. In this transportation industry, controlled activities are mostly based on the use of AI. With various software designed on the AI platform, customers will have safe flights and minimize the dangers or incidents that may occur. 

3.5. Computer and TV Games development 

We can see that the gaming system on TV or computer is increasingly diverse and evolving with a variety of sophisticated and classy techniques. This is also due to the use of AI in improving the games to better match the current technological requirements. It can be said that AI soon became part of the life of every human being. Depending on each demand, they will promote their interests in the most radical way. AI applications can be seen as an inevitable trend in the present and future. 

Focusing on AI application and investment in all areas is a prerequisite for development in the age of digital technology. In general, although artificial intelligence brings a lot of value to our lives, it also carries a lot of risks. There have been many experts in the world worried that when artificial intelligence reaches a certain point of evolution, it will also be the time when humanity will be destroyed. 

IV. Conclusion

Through this article, we have learnt from A-Z about what is Artificial Intelligence. With outstanding advantages, this technology has changed every step in modern society and helped people in many different fields. In the next 5-10 years, we may see the pinnacle of this kind of smart technology.

However, technological challenges, the scale of investment and data management capabilities will have great affects on how successful an AI project can be. If you want to develop a comprehensive website for your business, you need to partner with an experienced AI development company.

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