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8 reasons why mobile app is important for business

9 August, 2022 Web/App
why mobile app is important

Why mobile app is important for business nowadays? For a business, having a separate website is inevitable and natural in the first step of development. But building your own mobile app is not that common. There are many businesses that have not discovered the value that mobile apps bring yet.

If you do not have time to find out, today’s article will help you understand why mobile app is important for business.

1. What is a mobile app?

A mobile app is an application program specifically for mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. It allows users to access the content you want right on that mobile device. Mobile app developers will turn it into a miniature space for users to entertain, watch news, shop, and more.

Mobile apps contain a large number of potential customers that businesses seek. Therefore, today there are countless applications of many different fields and industries.

2. Types of mobile app

Once you have a better understanding of what a mobile app is, learning more about the types of mobile apps is essential.

2 types of mobile app

Native Mobile App: This is the type of application that you use to download the desired content to your mobile device and will use them by visiting. There are some common native apps such as dictionary lookup applications or offline mobile games,…

This type of mobile app is placed on mobile devices and developed specifically for each operating system. The content is updated across versions of the application. This application program is usable even without an internet connection and provides a great experience for customers using mobile devices. However, development and maintenance costs are very expensive.

Hybrid Mobile App: Hybrid Mobile App is a hybrid application that combines outstanding features between web app and native app. This web application is written in web programming languages such as CSS3, Javascript, or HTML5 and is wrapped by an outer container shell so that it can be similar to the native mobile app and downloaded on the app store.

This mobile app type is a web display on mobile that is similar to an application that only needs to be developed in containers. The content of the Hybrid app will be updated based on the website, so it cannot provide a good user-experience like the native type. In addition, Hybrid mobile apps cannot be used without the internet but it is less expensive than native.

3. Why mobile application is important for business?

In order to have a better understanding of what a mobile app is, Pando Infinity will introduce you to the following benefits that help you figure out why mobile app is important for business:

Smartphones are increasingly popular

It is easy to see that smartphones are increasingly popular. Almost everyone including entrepreneurs, social networkers and gamers use smartphone apps.


Smartphones are more and more attractive as they are being used in large amounts of work that were limited by laptop or desktop devices back in the day. Due to the good visibility, mobile apps are often used to promote brands, products or to provide access to that product.

Reaching customers better

Nowadays, mobile-friendly websites are no longer responsive enough, while mobile apps offer unique, useful features that make them more appealing than web browsers. As the mobile ecosystem continues to grow, more and more units and organizations are trying to create mobile applications to attract connected customers and access a larger market than before.

Brand promotion

Mobile apps are an extremely effective method of brand promotion that help your business stand out above the competitions. Owning a mobile app, businesses can easily promote and increase brand awareness to users in a diverse, fast and effective way.

Increase brand awareness

According to research, people usually spend 2 – 3 hours a day on their mobile phones. During this time, they explore the different available applications and use them according to their needs.

While using the application, they often pay attention to the brand logo, image… displayed on the application. If they see the same image or logo every time they visit the app, they will easily recognize and remember the brand. So if users install your app and often see your brand logo, they can easily remember the brand name of your business. Thus, mobile apps improve your brand awareness.

Increase customer experience

Mobile apps can easily know the user’s preferences, location, habits through setting their preferences at the start. The app can also track and observe user engagement and use it to make customized recommendations and updates to the user. Furthermore, they can also determine the user’s location in real time to deliver geo-specific content.

Mobile apps helps increase customer experience

However, improving the user experience is not the only purpose that personalization serves. It can also help improve your app’s conversion rate: When users are pampered with personalized content, they have a higher chance of making a conversion.

Increase customer loyalty

What’s the coolest thing about the app? Mobile apps allow entrepreneurs to interact directly with their customers. This is important for cultivating customer loyalty. Generally, the people who download the brand’s app are usually old customers. Interactions with customers through the app increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Additionally, features like in-app purchases, notifications, and ads have a greater impact on customers compared to social media advertising, email marketing, and some other traditional marketing methods. App application helps to interact well with customers to improve brand loyalty.

Many businesses have already built their Mobile Royalty App to deliver a variety of additional services to their consumers while also increasing customer retention.

Collect customer details

The mobile app development company integrates the data analysis tools into the mobile app. Therefore, businesses can discover customer activities based on their interactions with mobile apps. This helps entrepreneurs gather important insights about customer preferences, behavior and journey… to develop a targeted business strategy. Based on data, you can also create more effective online marketing campaigns to drive sales and earn huge revenue.

4. Mobile applications bring various benefits to customers

  • Instead of wasting a lot of time manipulating on the computer (such as visiting the website, waiting for the internet to load, searching for products…), customers can access the product easily with just a light touch on the Mobile app icon anywhere, anytime, very quickly and conveniently.
  • With the notification function, customers will receive promotions and discounts information quickly, which enables them to keep up with special combos and incentives.
  • Moreover, the customer care service helps customers to easily approach and exchange products’ information with store owners and businesses.
Mobile applications enhance convenience of customers’ experience

Therefore, mobile applications not only become useful marketing tools but also helps attract customers in a more effective way. 

5. How to develop a mobile app?

At this point, you must have clearly understood what a mobile app is and why mobile app is important for business. So there is no reason for you to hesitate in creating a mobile app for your business. Here are a few ways that you can apply:

  • Hand coding: If you are a programmer with a lot of knowledge, understanding, proficiency in programming languages and have a lot of time, you can easily create your own mobile app with languages like Java, Swift or Objective-C. You can also refer to some mobile app development frameworks to raise the efficiency of the development project. 
  • Hire mobile app development company: If you can’t do hand coding, you can hire a mobile app development company. This is also the way that most businesses choose.

If you want to develop a comprehensive mobile app for your company, you need an experienced mobile app development company. Pando is a leading software development company that provides one-stop service. Let’s contact our experts to figure out what values we can bring to you and your business.

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