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The allure of farming games

14 January, 2019 Blockchain | GameFi

For many years, the popularity of building and farming games has been undeniable, from PC games like SimCity, Minecraft,… to simple mobile ones like Hayday, Farmville,… This is maybe because this type of game is the closest we have to a metaverse, where people can have control over their surroundings and construct anything out of their imagination. You can see that the fascination people have with the metaverse has appeared long before the birth of Defi or NFT, but only with those innovations can the metaverse be truly realized.

Unfortunately, in the crypto industry, the focus is more on Sci-Fi battling or card trading, popularized by Axie Infinity, The Alien World of Gods Unchained, while farming games remain in the background.

However, in this article, I will argue that farming games are a sub-sector of the GameFi industry which you need to keep a close eye on.

It’s relaxing to play

The biggest thing people say about this game is that it is relaxing to play. There is only little stress, especially when you already had a grueling day at work. It is very different from PvP games where you are constantly being targeted and having to fight for your life, and in GameFi, losing means a waste of valuable time and money.

Moreover, in farming, there is no clear winner or loser. You just need to care for your farm, your crop, and livestock and not worry about invaders or monsters (which will change in the release of Chapter 2)

However, we understand that some people enjoy and crave competition, while others prefer something more subtle that gives them a break from the pressure and competition of their everyday life. In WidiLand, we strive to cater to both types of players, with monthly challenges and leaderboard for the former, and slow gameplay for the latter.

The fun never stops

In a farming game, there are many activities for you to do, such as planting seed, harvesting, making food, … Therefore, you would become a busy bee with all sorts of tasks on your hand. Moreover, combined with blockchain technology, the variety of activities and quests would also ensure you have a higher and more stable source of revenue.

In WidiLand, you will be able to earn $WSO, our secondary token, on the following activities:

Trading in-game items

Daily Quests

Battles Pass

Monthly Pass



Moreover, our in-depth job system along with diverse character design, a distinguishing feature of WidiLand, will also bring a layer of complexity to the game, thus keeping our players engaged and curious more than traditional competitors.

Greater corroboration with other players

Finally, because there is no need to compete with other farmers (except in our special challenges and events), you will be able to communicate and work better with them. For example, suppose that you are new to the game and don’t know how to make cow milk, you can directly message your neighbor or friends in our in-game messaging system to ask.

We intend to make WidiLand a place not only to play and earn money but also to make friends and build strong communities. Players will not have to grow their farms alone but will be encouraged to work with one another through our quest system, challenges, and special events.

Indeed, when you and your friends collaborate to produce ingredients, plants, or other in-game items, productivity will increase and so does your revenue stream, so you can see that the mechanism of Play-to-Earn actively incentivizes teamwork and communication between players.

Final thought

Those are the reasons we believe that farming games should receive more attention in the crypto industry. Better keep an eye on WidiLand, too!

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